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Here are some of the commands that are available on Chatlands™ chat sites.
Command: Syntax: Example(s): Explanation:
!faq !faq !faq Opens a new window displaying the main FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions).
!away !away [#color] away text
!away Going for a walk
!away #ff0000 Putting out a fire!!
Sets you as 'AWAY' and puts the "away text" above your avatar. Anyone whispering to you after this will get a response with your "away text". If you want a different color for the text above your avatar, you may use an HTML color code (such as #ffff00 for yellow, #0000ff for blue, etc), and the message above your avatar will be shown in that color instead of the default white.
!back !back !back Returns your avatar from AWAY mode and clears out your "away text".
!clear !clear !clear Resets and clears the scrolling text box. This is useful for times when the text scroll has become corrupted and needs to be restarted.
!new !new !new Switches to the NEW (beta) version of the chat client. The new version allows you to move the windows around and resize them and has other added features. It's in "beta" test right now, which means you might run into problems. You can get back to the old version by typing "!old". For more information, read the new chat client documentation.
!old !old !old Switches to the OLD (regular) version of the chat client. The old version is the one you've all come to know and love (ok, at least "know"). We'll keep it around for a while while we test and improve the "new" version which you can learn more about here.
!friends !friends username !friends joe-user Adds a user as your friend. Note that the other user may have it set in their profile to pre-approve any friends requests. In that case, you will have to wait for them to approve your request before it takes effect.
!ignore !ignore username !ignore joe-user Adds a user to your ignore list. That makes the user 'go away'. They are invisible to you and you are invisible to them.
!unignore !unignore username !unignore joe-user Removes a user to your ignore list.
!lock !lock !lock Locks your Fox Paradise session until you enter your password.
!me !me action-text !me looks around suspiciously... Prints special action text in color with your username, indication a special action or behavior.
!message !message !message Opens the "send message" window, which allows you to leave a message for someone else on Chatlands™. They will see your message the next time they log into any Chatlands™ chat site.
!roll !roll dice !roll 2D10+2 Generates a random number as specified by 'dice'. You pick the number of dice to roll followed by the letter 'D' and the number of sides for each die and any modifier. For instance, '!roll 2D10+2' would generate a random number from 4 to 24 (1 to 10 + 1 to 10 + 2). If you don't play paper and pencil RP games, you probably don't care about this command.
!pmsg !pmsg user text !pmsg joe-user psst! how are you today? Lets you whisper to a user.
!pose !pose pose-spec !pose ROTFL
!pose 12
Changes your pose to this pose specification (either a pose name or the pose number).
!face !face direction !face r Causes your avatar to face the given direction (R or L).
!quit !quit !quit Quits Fox Paradise! This is by far the saddest command that we know.
!transfer !transfer !transfer Opens the "transfer deltas" window, which allows you to transfer some of your deltas to someone else on Chatlands™.
!deltas !deltas !deltas Displays your current delta balance in the text window.
!info !info username !info joe-user Show the profile information for this user in a new window.
!roominfo !roominfo !roominfo Show the profile information for every user in the room. Use with caution! This can open up a lot of pop up windows.
!edit !edit !edit Edits the room you are in. You have to have edit permission or this will fail, of course.
!send !send username location !send joe-user pRP This command is not implemented. Sends a user to a given location. This location is a room ID, not the room name. It is a bit tough to know these, especially for private rooms, and thus the code is unfinished.
!names !names !names Turns on or turns off the names that appear below each avatar. This only lasts until you leave the room and then it is reset to show the names again.
!play !play mp3-url !play This command is not implemented. Plays an MP3 in this room. The MP3 must exist at some other web location.
!help !help !help Shows this help document. !commands is a synonym.
!kick !kick level username# reason !kick 1 joe-user3 for a polite reason Kicks a user from your private room and give a reason for the kick. Please be polite, as others read the kick reason.

More about the !kick command
Level 1 - kick from location
   !kick 1 badguy3 Are you a stuck wolf?

Level 2 - ban from location for 12 hours
   !kick 2 badguy3 You must go away for 12 hours

Level 3 - kick to Kindergarten for 12 hours
   !kick 3 badguy3 You have been banned to kindergarten for 12 hours!

Level 4 - ban from location forever
   !kick 4 badguy3 You may not come back to this room ever!

Level 5 - ban from chat for 12 hours
   !kick 5 badguy3 You must leave this chat for 12 hours

Level 6 - ban from chat forever
   !kick 6 badguy3 You are PERMANENTLY banned from this chat!

Level 7 - ban location for VARIABLE minutes
   !kick 7 badguy3 180:You are banned from this room for three hours (180 minutes).

Level 8 - ban chat for VARIABLE minutes
   !kick 8 badguy3 60:You are banned from this chat for one hour (60 minutes).
   !kick 8 badguy3 2880:You are banned from this chat for two days (2880 minutes).

Level 9 - ban to a location ID (use '%' for a wildcard)
   !kick 9 badguy3 pRP%:Banned to the roleplay rooms for 12 hours ('pRP%' matches the location IDs for RP rooms).
   !kick 9 badguy3 xMRHomeSweetHome:Banned to dungeon for 12 hours (xMRHomeSweetHome is location ID).
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